Committed to serving the Healthiest, Cleanest & Yummiest meals at Fair Price and with Full Disclosure*. 

EAT21 is a hardworking local Malaysian kitchen that serves Plant-based Wholefood meals complete in nutrition made suitable for every member of the family including Vegans. Our ingredients are sourced in its most natural form. Minimal processing goes into our food to ensure that it retains its wholesome goodness. Strictly no chemicals.

Our restaurant serves balanced meals for a sedentary lifestyle based on general recommendations by health authorities around the world including our KKM. Every meal aims to deliver 500 kCal, 18g Protein, 12g Fiber, <3g Saturated Fats, a good dose of Vitamin b12 and zinc. Therefore it’s not too much, not too little of any nutrient. Just nice. 

EAT21 is the work of the husband and wife team of Ruth and Choong since 2018. The restaurant is simply an extension of our dining table at home. Every bowl that we serve represents the ideals that our family would like to bring to our community. We currently serve in Damansara Uptown and Monash University Malaysia. We believe passionately that a plant based diet is the common denominator to improving the health of ourselves, our planet and all its inhabitants. Additionally we provide Full Disclosure* of all our ingredients used and making available our meals at a Fair Price, thereby setting a standard by which we hope the consumer public will demand. Our impact is tangible. Our metric is “Making a difference One Bowl at a time”.

*best effort given the risk of cross contamination in ingredients.

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