“There’s a new VEGAN food delivery service in town brought to you by @eat21.malaysia 💚👍 We had it for dinner and enjoyed it so much that we had more for lunch the next day too! It’s the Superbowl by Eat21.” Raw Chef Yin, Instagram, 29th March 2018

“Our Eagles eat vegan, whole food, complete lunch, and lov’in it! Thank you EAT21!
#vegan.” Acton Academy KL, Facebook, 3rd May 2018 

“loved it.” Anonymous (5*), UberEats, 29th March 2018

“Amazing and wholesome meal. This coming from a non-vegetarian. Very tasty! Love the taste! Craving for more.” Anonymous (5*), UberEats, 31st March 2018

“tasty food.” Anonymous (5*), UberEats, 19th April 2018

“I like it so much and thank you for the extra bowl for us winning GE!.” Anonymous (5*), UberEats, 11th May 2018

“Quick delivery and very nice food.” evelina b(5*), foodpanda, 8th May 2018

“Ordered 2 sets via FoodPanda, but 3 sets came for the price of 2. What a lovely surprised, and thanks for supporting GE14. Portion of food is extremely generous and most importantly tasty. Hoping for more healthy menu choice ahead!:)).” Eugene Guok (5*), Facebook, 13th May 2018

“My Superbowl is very tasty! Love the speed of delivery by Grab Food too! Finally i can have healthy clean good delivered to my office for lunch�.” Cynthia Choong, Facebook, 13th June 2018