• Easier than instant noodles. Simply place sous-vide pouch into boiling water, cut open and enjoy.
  • All meals freshly prepared, cooked and packed in our 100% Plant Based Restaurant.
  • Hygienically vacuum sealed in BPA Free FDA approved Sous Vide pouches.
  • Vacuum sealed and immediately frozen to retain optimum freshness  & Texture of every grain.
  • Enjoy at your convenience anytime day and night.
  • update 1st March 2023: All Frozen Ready Meals are prepared and presented to you without using any oil. Kindly add your own choice of fats.


  1. SuperBowl   RM18.88 (RM 10 in-store promo)
  2. The Best Marigold   RM18.88 (RM 10 in-store promo)


Reheat Instructions:

Submerge pouch straight from freezer into boiling water for 9 to 15 mins*. Cut open and enjoy.

If unsure about reheating times, always lean to the maximum 15 minutes and you can adjust for less time on your next meal.

*reheating times may vary given the different specifications of household appliances. Always ensure food is piping hot before eating.

“What our customers say”

Fiqrie Dahari : Radio DJ | TV Host | 100 Most Influential Creators in Malaysia

“It’s very nice. My wife likes it too. Feeling blessed by eating food that taste good, convenient to prepare, and very affordable price. Will try for a week [GameChanger]. Wow…I forget it’s no sugar…does taste very good. Keep it up 100%” Tommy from Klang

“Just had my first frozen meal, tasted just as good. Thank you very much” Niraj

“It was delightful. The taste is fresh. Never expected frozen meal can be that nice. I tried others before, and it doesn’t taste well… I tried to go vegan before for a week. But really hard to find and create myself. Haha. I’m used to cook with meats. The usual masak lemak, etc. Taste good but over the long run not healthy. But your meals was so good. Thanks for the experiences.” Syazwi