• Hygienically sealed in BPA Free FDA approved sous vide pouches.
  • Meals freshly prepared in our kitchen.
  • Vacuum sealed and immediately frozen to retain optimum freshness  & Texture of every grain.
  • Ready in minutes without effort. Simply place sous-vide pouch into hot water, cut open and enjoy.
  • Enjoy at your convenience anytime day and night.


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  1. SuperBowl   RM 8 (RM11.88 GrabFood)
  2. The Best Marigold   RM 8 (RM11.88 GrabFood)
  3. Falafels   RM 5 (RM6.90 GrabFood)


Reheat Instructions:

For all items except Falafels:

Submerge pouch straight from freezer into boiling water for 9 to 12 mins*. Cut open and enjoy.

For Falafels: Cut open pouch, empty Falafels into baking tray. Reheat at 155 deg C for 10 mins. Separately submerge Hummus pack in room temperature water for 10 mins. Cut and serve.

*reheating times may vary given the different specifications of household appliances. Always ensure food is piping hot before eating.